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eBook: Materials & Tools For Tufting

Are you ready to become the master of tufting?

On this eBook you will get to know the best materials and tools for tufting and also the suppliers of KRAMIS.

You will find important links, tips, technical details and more. The materials and tools are for the professional use - the alternatives are for hobby use.

This eBook is the key to get everything you need for tufting. The list is suitable for beginners, as well as for advanced.

The file contains informations about following materials & tools:

- Tufting machines

- Tufting frame

- Tufting yarn

- Tufting cloth

- Tufting glue (backing)

- Finishing tape

- Tufting Accessoires

After buying this eBook you will be ready to start the journey to become a professional tufter.

This eBook only exists in the language english.

60-Day money back guarantee